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More and more individuals are being diagnosed with stress with family, friends, colleagues and employers alike not always having the answers. 


Here at The Cabin Hypnotherapy I can help you tremendously with stress management.


In its infancy, stress can be as little as a feeling of too much pressure at work, this, generally speaking, will subside when the deadline is met or the contract is won with no long term effects.  A more continued exposure to stressful situations, such as self induced pressure or anxiety brought on by prolonged external environmental or social factors, that never seem to let up can nevertheless,provide much angst and emotional problems leading to feelings that you can no longer cope with work or life in general.


Stress can unfortunately manifest itself in a physical manner as well as an emotional one in the form of headaches, a feeling of tenseness, a change in appetite (eating more or less) and/or disruptive sleeping patterns to name a few.


Hypnotherapy is a fantastic aid in the reduction of stress, when you visit the practice, I will explain its foundations, its link to anger, anxiety and depression and of course, importantly, how to cope better with it.  I work with clients with stress usually for 4 to 6 sessions and at the end, you are firstly, better equipped to recognise specific triggers, secondly understand how it was created in the first place, therefore giving you the awareness to cope with those situations in the future and finally the coping mechanisms to act positively, think in a positive way and interact with other people in a positive way.