3 Point Stop Smoking


We all know the dangers of smoking, so why do we still do it?  What makes it so difficult to stop smoking?

During our 3 sessions you'll go from full on smoker to "I really can't be bothered with that"!!

I don't take you through a dramatic change, you will just not smoke anymore. There's only one criteria with this one though. You have to actually want to stop smoking. It's no good if someone else wants you to and you go along with it to keep them happy, or you think well, I'm spending a lot of money on this so I suppose I'd better stop. 

YOU NEED TO DO THIS FOR YOU. You can and you will stop smoking. I'm not going to force you to, you are going to do this because you want to....... 

Hypnotherapy has great results in helping people to stop smoking, quickly, effectively and easily.  By explaining how the brain works in terms of learned and subconscious responses, I will give you, the client, the necessary tools to stop… for good.

The sessions for Stop Smoking are 3 one hour sessions (60 mins) over a period of three days.