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I see people of all ages for these issues. I’ve seen accountants, doctors, lawyers, police officers and other professionals who find themselves unexpectedly crippled by a terror of examinations. If you suffer from the fear of a test of any kind, hypnotherapy can help . 

Writing exams – whether for GCSEs, A levels, university or as a working adult seeking promotion – can be stressful and an anxious time for the student as well as their immediate family and friends. As a result, exam stress can literally paralyse a student and even keep them from getting the grades for which they have studied. 

Exam Stress can go an unnoticed but a gradual build up of many pressures can have a significant affect. While many of us are able to cope with big issues like exams, for some they are too demanding or combined with everything else going on, they can become overwhelming, resulting in stress and anxiety.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help tremendously giving you the tools to manage your stress levels and develop ways of managing revision, timetables and the actual exam. As a former teacher I know that any help a student can get is of great benefit to them, I actually believe hypnotherapy should be used in schools and colleges as a matter of course to assist students and help them to maintain a balanced view of why they are studying in the first place.