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One of only five Hypnotherapists in Wales who work with The Kinetic Shift technique. 

Kinetic Shift is:

Made up of a combination of very different & successful techniques/modalities including intuition, metaphors, shamanistic, confusion and theatrical movement. This is a very interactive form of hypnosis and has been proven to be highly successful. 

Kinetic Shift works particularly well in resolving:
- fears,
- phobias,
- anxiety,
- weight loss,
- smoking,
- and even PTSD, quickly and effectively.

Opening Hours:

Thursday 17:00 - 21:00

Friday 17:00 - 21:00

At times in our lives we can feel as if everything is spiralling out of control. 

Clients generally come to see me because they feel frustrated with a particular area of their life. They often say - if I could just resolve this ONE issue, everything else would fall into place. Imagine  - if you could resolve a feeling or move away from a habit...........


So what’s your ONE thing?


  • Something’s holding you back?

  • You want more control in your life?

  • You have no will power?

  • You’re ready for change?

  • You’ve had enough of second best?

Sometimes though the issue isn't the issue! All of the above points have their own merit but why do we hold on to them? What function are they performing? 

For some people a one-session “quick-fix” is all you need, but others need several sessions to get to the root of the problem, and make significant lasting change.

Either way, I invite you to contact me via the contact page, phone or email so we can discuss your needs.. We'll discuss your presenting issue over the phone and arrange a date for us to meet. During this first session we'll discuss how many sessions you’re likely to need. 

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Typical areas I deal with are:


A bit of stress is good for us, it keeps us on our toes but when stress gets to the level of severely impacting our day to day functioning the it needs to be brought back to normal levels


This is an area that has gained much attention over the last few years. It's been around for centuries but unfortunately the true nature of it has never really been recognised. I use a specialist technique call The Kinetic Shift to help with this distressing condition


Building rock-solid self esteem, self belief & confidence

Improving performance - sports, public speaking, exams, interviews


Stopping smoking
Weight loss

Nail biting 

Plus any other habit you may have formed


Any phobia can be cured...... 

The majority of issues can be worked with, not just those above. 

What is a typical session like and what is Hypnosis?

Sessions are varied, and tailored to the individual. We'll discuss what you are hoping to achieve and how this type of therapy can help you. You'll be with me for approximately one hour, however this can vary depending on the work we are doing. 


Many people have a view of hypnosis -  actually all it is, is an extreme state of focus. It’s a safe and natural process that anyone can experience and do without even noticing! We actually live in a state of hypnosis at many points during our day, such as watching TV, reading, even driving (I can't really remember how I got here!) 


When you're doing these things you are focusing completely on one thing to the point of not noticing anything else.

Under hypnosis you're fully aware, you'll remember everything you've felt and thought and may even think at times that your not actually hypnotised! This is completely normal, thoughts will pop into your head, you may even find yourself thinking about what's happening later that day. Again, completely normal. You are more focused than you think and hearing what is being said to you. Your subconscious is taking it all in and starting to make changes for the better.......

See the page on 'What is Hypnotherapy' for a more in depth explanation.